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Module 1:  Introduction

  • Introduction to Flutter

Module 2:  Introduction To Dart

  • Reason why Dart holds the fort strong.
  • Installing Visual Studio Code and the Dart Plugin.
  • Installing Dart SDK.
  • Writing the first Dart Program.

Module 3:  Setting Up Flutter

  • Downloading/Cloning the Flutter SDK.
  • Installing Flutter Plugin within VS Code.
  • Understanding the structure of a Flutter Project.
  • Building a simple app from scratch.

Module 4:  Introducing Widget

  • Widgets and their role in a Flutter app.
  • The MaterialApp and Scaffold widget.
  • AppBar.
  • FloatingActionButton.
  • More widgets – Text, Center and Padding.
  • Recreating the Default Flutter App (UI Only)

Module 5:  Common Widget In Flutter

  • Containers and their role.
  • Importing images from a network.
  • Importing images as assets.
  • Adding icons to widgets.
  • Understanding Row and Column.
  • ListView and ListTile.
  • Building views using ListView.builder.
  • Inkwell and its importance.

Module 6: Stateless And Stateful Widgets- The Concept

  • Stateless vs. Stateful widgets.
  • Defining a ‘State’.
  • The setState() method.
  • Returning to the Default Flutter App.

Module 7:  Navigating Through Navigation

  • Navigator and routes.
  • Applying push() using MaterialPageRoute.
  • Applying pop().
  • Declaring parameter-less routes (push Named()) in Materia Lapp widget.

Module 8:  Handling User Input

  • Using Text Field.
  • Handling changes to a Text Field.
  • Pass retrieved values using Navigator.

Module 9:  User Interface

  • Applying Theme Data.
  • The Basic Screen Layout.
  • Applying Custom Font.

Module 10:  Asynchronous Functions

  • function.
  • async’ and ‘await’.

Module 11: Working With Remote Data

  • The ‘http’ package.
  • Model Class and JSON parsing.
  • Displaying Remote Data. (NEWS API).

Module 12: Local storage

  • Shared Preferences.

Module 13: Using 3rd Party Packages

  • The ‘url_launcher’ package.
  • Adding onTap() to NEWS API.

Module 14: Other Useful Widgets

  • Grid View.
  • The ‘Hero’ Animation
  • Stack
  • ‘Alert Dialog’ with buttons.

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Flutter It has an open-source licence, which allows the community to continue to use its engine as well as a vast number of third-party modules and APIs. The majority of the confidential writing on Flutter is done in Dart, which is a programming language similar to Java. The capacity of flutter to consume fewer resources is one of its most prominent properties. As a result, it is more affordable. You'll learn how to code in Dart and create attractive, quick, native-quality iOS and Android apps throughout this training programme. The ability to provide developers with a tool for creating a unified user experience is its most important feature. You'll be able to enjoy stunning widgets that are easily available now that you have your hot engine with high-performance rendering. Flutter speeds up and streamlines the development process by allowing developers to create apps for both iOS and Android using the same codebase. It's a method of developing an application for all operating systems on a case-by-case basis. Nestsoft offers the best Google Flutter training as well as mobile app development courses.

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